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The Let’s Meet For Copy® podcast is hosted by me – copywriter/creative writer/ biz owner of A Passion For The Pen and all-around goofball, Tara. After realizing I’m never getting the chance to be a cast member on SNL, I’m turning my love of comedy and my knowledge of writing into what I hope is one hell of a fun podcast.

I’m obsessed with words, pen and paper, sharing stories, coffee, anything vintage, cleverness and rum and coke. My goal is for you to legit spit out your coffee laughing while you listen, and at the same time, gain a bunch of valuable info on writing. Whether you’re a blogger, a wanna be blogger, a biz owner, a marketing pro, a fellow copywriter, my friends and family or just a random stranger who stumbled in, WELCOME!

I have 15 + years of professional experience and have written just about everything from media kits and press releases, to radio and TV spots, to billboards and magazine ads, to blogs and websites, to brochures and menus, to speeches and proposals, to sales pages and webinar copy and so much more. I launched my own gig in 2014 and now I specialize in direct-response copy, working with private clients ranging from small businesses to six-figure entities.

On the personal side, I got engaged to a guy I knew for 6 weeks. Don’t worry, it worked out – – we are happily married MANY years later and we have two little boys. I’m always writing a novel (no it’s not done yet) and sarcasm is my middle name. If you’re offended by swearing, bad impersonations, random bursts into accents and song, or puns, this podcast is probably not for you.